CD Liner Notes

Here is a complete list of CD releases that I have written the liner notes for:-

After The Fire – Laser Love/80-F/Batteries Not Included (Edsell) (2005)
Babe Ruth – First Base/ Amar Caballero (Beat Goes On) (1998)
Pat Benatar – Live From Earth / Tropico (BGO) (2004)
Fastway – Fastway /All Fired Up (BGO) (2000)
Alex Harvey – Alex Harvey and His Soul Band (Bear Family Records) (1998)
Bryn Haworth – Let The Days Go By / Sunny Side of The Street (Gott Discs) (2004)
Lone Star – Lone Star / Firing On All Six (BGO) (2004)
Mountain – Flowers of Evil/Live – The Road Goes Ever On (BGO) (1997)
Helen Shapiro – ‘Tops’ With Me/Helen Hits Out (BGO) (2000)
Robin Trower – Long Misty Days/In City Dreams, Caravan To Midnight/Victims of  The Fury (BGO) (1997)
Robin Trower/Jack Bruce – BLT/Truce (BGO) (1998)
Ten Years After – A Space In Time, Stone Henged (BGO) (1997) Positive Vibrations (BGO) (2004)
Thijs Van Leer - Introspection/Introspection 2 (BGO) (2003) 
Wishbone Ash – The Best of (MCA/Universal) (1997)Wishbone Ash – No Smoke Without Fire (MCA/Universal) (1998)